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Specializing in repairing and selling Mercury Slip Rings


Here at Adam's Electronics, we know that Slip-Rings of the past have needed continuous maintenance. Brush type Slip Rings can limit the rotational speed and increase electrical noise and resistance with wear. Switching to a Mercury Slip Ring would be beneficial and would require less maintenance as it has a cleaner signal, more longevity than the Slip Rings of the past, and gives you higher speed workability. 


Replacing your brush type Slip Rings from Adams Electronics produces the following benefits: 

 -Less maintenance 


-More longevity than the Slip Rings of the past 


-A high speed of workability 


I have been using these Slip Rings for years and they are the best in the business by far! Honestly, I won't recommend any other, I won't use any other.


- Ryan Gains, Reach Wireline




Based in Lafayette, La., Jody Adams is a professional businessman who sells and repairs Slip-Rings used on trucks and skid units for wireline services. These units are sold domestically and internationally. Jody's passion for the oilfield began with an interest to fix his amplifier when playing music. He began repairing wireline electronic downhole tools, which later birthed into his Electronic company known as Adams Electronics. Owner and founder of the company, Jody sells a variety of slip rings ranging from 250 - 2000 volt units. This apparatus allows a connection from the drum line unit to the computer. With 43 years in the oilfield, Jody desires to continue to provide excellent customer service for the consumer who purchases the slip rings through his company.

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